Ask, and they will tell you. New-cue-lahr, that’s the new word, you now learn the language.

Here what I liked of today editorials on the Seattle Times:

  • The gig in this article: “being quick on the trigger might be good in moose hunting”; isn’t it appropriate? 🙂 well, is it wishful that Presidents know better?
  • And from Thomas Friedman: “Now [McCain] who would not sell his soul to win his party’s nomination, is ready to sell every piece of his soul to win the presidency”; my percpetion is that he is really out to get the election with any available mean, and to lie is now one of them.
    Sad side of this, it also tells you on the ability to judge of the average US voter 😦  

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I am a Mktg and Biz Dev Exec, with a passion for technology. Love to spend time on IT strategy, innovation, partner ecosystems, business productivity.
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