US foreign policy

Ms Clinton, Obama & friends have a really big potato to address when it comes to foreign policy.

It may not be as discussed as the economy, and rightfully so, but it is the greatest challenge they have, or maybe it’s one that I see so important (sometimes the world depends so much on the US for its balance and peace…). 

No one could have believed anyone to do such a mess as the policies of these last few years; the US have entered so many war zones, with so little success, and generating more damage than when they were not involved.
The short list includes Iraq, and its impact on the Arab world, its centrality to the oil routes; Afghanistan, and its impact on Central Asia, to the flows of drugs, its links to Iran; Pakistan, and its delicate balance with India, or its links to Taliban or Islamic fundamentalism; Georgia, and its links to Russia and eastern Europe, to the access of gas resources.

The more we go on, the more the number of exposed areas grows, and no victory gets in sight.
The higher their number, the least probable someone may be able to solve them all.
And their price tag becomes more and more intolerable, since the economy is where it is (my perception is that the people in the US do not appreciate how this war expenditure is linked to the overall increased poverty, and might have triggered the global recession by distracting enormous funds and attention).

The only good news in sight is that the US may get less hate, or at least is now getting the benefit of the doubt.
The team ability should be that of leveraging this credit to solve at least some situation, before it’s too late, or the number overwhelms them.

Good luck!!!!! (we need it to happen).


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