I would not have thought to write about this topic, but since we’re now in Seattle area and this is about Italy I get asked and I may just add an opinion.


  • I do not know what happened in the little house of Perugia, Umbria, and have not a strong opinion
  • It is evident that Amanda was in an exciting time of her life (which is so often the parenthesis to the normal life that in the US society you’re asked to go live after you end up college) and was at least giving some reason to the comment she behaved like the ”..spoiled, amoral American college girl who has not shown sufficient remorse for the death of her roommate.”
  • This was even more striking given the difference in behavior from the UK victim girl
  • It is proven she and her fiancée were in the house that night (not that they were at the exact time though)
  • There are some DNA samples that link both to the body
  • There are numerous contradictions in the different stories that Amanda gave, then they tried setting up they were at the fiancée’ s place playing with the PC (false) and she accused someone else (also false)   
  • They did not mention the 3rd man (Guede) until he got found, but they knew him and he probably was their pusher at some time
  • Guede got caught and admitted some wrongdoings (not that he killed the girl), asked for a fast trial and got convicted with 30 years; now as imaginable he’s saying he didn’t do it
  • There was a probable set up of the house to show someone broke in from the outside

The judicial system:

  • When in Italy I would admit that the judicial system is not the fastest, and maybe not always incorruptible (see the trial against Mr B. our prime minister that bribed judges in a prosecution against his interests)
  • In this case though the 3rd man asked for a fast trial, and got it, and it was all over one year ago; the normal longer trial sets an opportunity for the defendant to build his/her case and bring proves, which I think it is fair; you have to understand still that if you choose this option it is up to the defendant to build a better case against the prosecution, and the fact that they found some glitches in the forensic investigation and mostly doubted the motive was very weak and probably not the best tactic
  • The fact that they’re kept in prison for a longer term is unfortunate, but it is the combined result that they were not allowed bail, given the crime, and their choice to go for the longer trial; you cannot compare their life in prison with a US similar facility and all things that may happen there, it is most confinement while they have access to internet and friends.
  • The defense and US press commented on the interrogation techniques of the Italian police; I doubt that in another country in a similar situation they would be any different

My comment:

  • It is completely unfair to say that this judgment is due to anti-Americanism from the Italians, or more specifically the judges, there are no such realities
  • It is complicated to comment the differences in judicial systems, and I appreciate the points from Timothy Egan that says that public opinion plays too big of a role; but can’t say one is worse than the other (think of the innocent people put to death, or how in the US convicted murderers are able to get out from prison or bail …)
  • What I think had more to do with it is the shock of a small quiet town, where things like these never happened before, and even if  the defense built some doubts in the proceedings I think the two defendants knew much more than they admitted, and much of the contradictions and false statements were due to some cover ups
  • The main contradiction for the defense is they never asked for tougher interrogations of the 3 defendants (bringing Guede together in some confrontation) because they were complaining for the initial interrogations of Amanda, where she admitted something or contradicted what is now the defense case

I hope justice will prevail (yup, quite a rhetorical statement); please do not kill your roommates!!

An Italian in Seattle


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  1. fabrim says:

    grande Carlo!

  2. asafox says:

    Hi there, welcome. Sono lieto di ritrovarti qui.
    Pur non essendo appassionato al soggetto, concordo con te.

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