Single SW platform vendor vs. ecosystem-above-all?

“We’re not in this game to go it alone—we’re the absolute antithesis of other competitors in our space who want to own the whole stack,” McDermott said. “We’re antithesis of others in our competitive space—we don’t ever want to be like them—we want to work more closely than ever with our partners.”

SAP at Sapphire is attacking Oracle’s comments (read article) that ..”CIOs simply cannot afford to go on wasting precious time and money and focus on tedious integration and connectivity chores”.
And discuss how heir partnership with HP and IBM drives more customer value.

Well, I take his comments for what they say

  • CIOs have limited time and budgets
  • Oracle is SAP major competitor
  • if it includes its ecosystem, SAP is better positioned to provide a broad scope of solutions
  • SAP does not mention MS in its ecosystem (friend or foe?)
  • SAP comments coincide with their purchase of Sybase….

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