“now the cloud is making infrastructure a commodity”

“….aligning to make both hardware and software far less interesting to developers and CIOs.” (Dave Rosenberg)

Again, very interesting discussions on the cloud this week.

Where I think they become very important is how the cloud option influences IT investment decisions, from a strategic perspective.

If we assume that many layers are being commoditized, then in the business space mission critical applications remain the most important strategic decision for enterprises.
When software vendors are confronted with the options that Rosenberg outlines, it is evident that the number of end-to-end platform vendors is very limited, and companies need to choose either a difficult and expensive  “develop a full-blown platform” strategy, or look for alliances.

Lots of fun coming!


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I am a Mktg and Biz Dev Exec, with a passion for technology. Love to spend time on IT strategy, innovation, partner ecosystems, business productivity.
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