What the hell is going on? Oh well, I wish someone knew better…

KINAgain, it’s the Kin discussion: a strange but different product, a very confused marketing, organizational struggles… and then the baby is killed in its infancy.

“I can’t think of another Microsoft product, or one from such a high profile company, that got the legs knocked out from under it as quickly as Kin got toppled.”


The question that Adrian poses (“what the….”) touches different fronts, and leaves me really dumbfounded when you think it is the same territory of Windows Phone 7, something Microsoft desperately needs, but also needs to execute very well.

Some more fuel to the frustration: they wasted a US$1B in it?!

“Finally, what do shareholders make of this? A billion dollars down the pan is a lot of dough to blow on a project that sees light for two month.”

And where was the same Andy Lees when the Kin decisions were made; it seems this is really out of his comfort zone.

On the flip side Microsoft is still delivering numbers, as Frank Shaw notes (read an interesting commentary to his last post that lists numbers that talk by themselves); and these numbers talk of contribution margin, oh yes.

So: I am still a believer, I have a Samsung WP 6.5 phone (that I like enough even if it could be better) – but the frustration is growing, and the perception is that it will take shorter for either iPhones or Droids to really get better also as smartphones for business.  
Before that happens I am guessing there will be people changes, and/or a bid for RIM (how would you spend the next US$ 1B ???), we’ll see.


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