The web is dead? no, it only reinvents itself!

So: Wired comes out with big splashy front page stating that “The Web is dead”.
But if you read it, it says many things that require a better understanding, or forces us to share definitions – what it talks about is that the old plain vanilla web browsing is dead, a new richer web (2.0, mobile, apps-based whatever you call it) is well and thriving.

When you look in fact at their chart that describes the % of total US internet traffic (below) I really miss definitions, and most than anything else I wonder how can I access video or peer-to-peer if not on websites.


Now, the other conversation within this debate is that, while we used to browse the web on PCs, now we also increasingly surf the web with apps on mobile devices, and that is the real news – those are the “apps”, that is the new thing.

If the apps are or not web technologies is a discussion that doesn’t really interest me. What matters here is that the web is reinventing itself, and we’re still in the space of the same old internet equation that says:

relevance/impact = f (critical mass, content, viral quality) / addressable market

We can then still focus on the same topics, and look forward doing a good job…
The web is dead, long live the web 🙂


About cmalaguzzi

I am a Mktg and Biz Dev Exec, with a passion for technology. Love to spend time on IT strategy, innovation, partner ecosystems, business productivity.
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