The future of Search: the Serendipity Engine?

Eric Schmidt speaks about Google strategy and investments, and says “We want to give you your time back”; this by speeding up searches, adding personal context to search ranking, and addressing specific new mobile scenarios.
Well, I am not sure I like it all.

Yes, he mentions that Google is looking forward to providing more context if and only if we will give them permissions to access personal information, but I am missing their point: I LOVE to be presented with multiple answers to my first search, and to be left to browse topics as they come – it is so consistent with all my education that builds on the fact that I should have a critical mind, that needs to be challenged or entertained with new topics. 
I HATE the concept of “I feel lucky” that limits my ability to read, compare and form an opinion. I do not like “instant search” as it influences in real time what I am thinking.
Faster can be dumber.

On the other hand I also believe we CAN provide context to searches, e.g. if I use natural language and spend time to teach you more about my context, I would feel unhappy if you were to provide me too many answers out of context; here I would expect much more innovation. Or help me navigate the search results, see how Wikipedia helps disambiguate.

On the other hand, I love how Bing is taking a different route and helps me perform specific functions (shop, maps, travel) when I wish to do it – or suggests so if it feels that is what I want to do.


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I am a Mktg and Biz Dev Exec, with a passion for technology. Love to spend time on IT strategy, innovation, partner ecosystems, business productivity.
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