Where Do You Check In? Location-Based Search and Social Networking apps in Seattle

Ok we got it – the must-have for web 2.0 these day include gamization, geolocation, mobile apps, social networking interfaces….
It‘s interesting to see what’s going on in a geographic microcosm (Seattle) on one specific topic, geolocation; and who knows if this common focus will drive faster and richer development for the entire category.

Xconomy lists many of these endeavors, none of which is already as famous as Foursquare or`Gowalla; but there are many, and each has its own peculiarity.
When I look at them, none has yet the standing of an app that I would really use, but must admit I felt the same when I started toying with Foursquare.

And who knows if their success will be in becoming bigger and draw many more users, or they will be the nice addition that other sites (Yelp, OpenTable) will purchase to integrate into their existing sites.
This in the wake that we eventually see what Facebook or Twitter may be coming out with.


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I am a Mktg and Biz Dev Exec, with a passion for technology. Love to spend time on IT strategy, innovation, partner ecosystems, business productivity.
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