It’s already Xmas in retail

Microsoft is almost ready (hopefully!) to launch its Xmas season: tablets (“slates”?), phones, Kinect. Let’s hope for them it is better than Goldman Sachs feedback on the company stock value….

It looks in fact that there will be news, Xmas is a forcing function, uh?
Other than the long anticipated Windows Phone 7 (all MSFTees are looking fwd to their new phones, and choosing Apple’s partner AT&T if true adds some spice), Kinect will be getting eventually out (will it stand to the expectations? will the new Kinect-enabled games be cool?); maybe we also will se the slates, even if so far it is mostly rumors or wishful thinking.

Goldman Sachs seems not to buy into all this, and downgrades the stock (even lower than what it’s been this last 12 months, wow!). And adds that big dividends and cost cutting have not been changing this balance: you need to have good products to succeed….

PS it is interesting to see how the top execs of these consumer division, releasing only now these long anticipated products, got promoted before their products went to market… (a KIN learning?!)


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