Windows Phone 7 is here!

Yes, WP7 is here, live & kicking 🙂 and wp7_stevewe will eventually see that Google’s Andy Rubin was wrong when he said the market doesn’t need another mobile platform… (well, he bet already on adding Android to the pack, didn’t he?).
But many commentators wonder if it is in time to make a serious dent in the current Apple/Google smartphone domination…

The good news: my friends @Microsoft are getting their hands on the phones since few days and are super-excited about them; now it’s time to see its debut with real customers. Long live to WP!

The phones, the software are much better than any previous version (yes, I can say that, given all the previous editions that I have been using).

The positioning makes better sense (I really like some comments from Matt Burns, “Windows Phone 7 is about communication, not apps”), phones are neat, and you might say that having AT&T on stage was a success.

But the other comments from Matt, or also see John Biggs‘ comments, provide room for concern.

Is it too late? well, if we judge from the fact that Microsoft was never number one on the market, but more often the one that was able to dominate markets thanks to its tenacity, Microsoft has a definite chance – if they do not do any more mistakes!
Oh well then, it’s not too late but only if the execution is impeccable.

MS must really go after RIM’s market share (the most likely to be dented by Android), and may leverage Nokia relationship better….

They need understand better the carrier space: ok AT&T is anti-Apple, but they’re really missing the boat if they leave Verizon out, since iphones will be there only in Spring 2011 – why miss this Xmas season?
T-Mobile is ok, even if I do not feel very committed; but then add Sprint, who have a better 4G network and you benefit fom the fact there is less competition for bandwidth, so users have a better quality perception…

And last but not least, ok WP7 is about communications, but apps will be required to support that; we do not have much indications that there is a lively dev marketplace (yet), hope they prove me wrong and surprise me with new cool apps 🙂


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